Advertising Operations Optimization

Innovar Media is a team of Advertising Operations experts.

We have developed industry specific solutions that help you maximize the productivity of your team and the revenue potential of your advertising inventory.

Ad Copy Wizard (ACW)

ACW processes all of your Ad Copy Instructions in a single solution. From simple instructions to complex rotations with multiple pieces of copy, ACW saves time and improves Ad Copy quality.

  • Improves Ad Copy Quality
  • Reduces Ad Copy Processing Costs
  • Improves Next Day Deadlines
  • Single Point of Entry for all Ad Copy Instructions
  • Designed by Ad Copy Specialsts; the Lightweight, Intuitive Framework Promotes Quick and Accurate Ad Copy Entry




InnVision is an inventory insight and yield management solution specifically developed for maximizing the value of advertising inventory.

  • Calculates Market Value of Inventory Across Advertising Platforms.
  • Dynamic Generation of Rate Cards.
  • Intuitive Inventory Heat Maps with Current and Historical Sellout Levels.
  • Powerful Client Analysis and Business Modeling Capabilities
  • Real-time Inventory Insight at Enterprise, Region, or Local Level.


InnFocus is a centralized management console designed for advertising operational leaders. InnFocus helps you optimize system, process and team performance.

  • Insight into Operational Workflow (Proposals, Orders, Work Queues, etc...)
  • Master Control for Operational Jobs and Events
  • Manage SLAs and Performance Measures.
  • Allow OpsCentral to Drive Operation Center Display Boards for Various Work Groups.