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Is Requirements Traceability Dead?   August 16, 2016

I grew up in IT as a mainframe software developer. Yes, I get it. I'm old.

The rule was to document every business requirement and map it to operational, functional and technical requirements. We managed and traced those requirements through design and all the various testing cycles. Mapping requirements to test scenarios was considered critical linkage...

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Practical Risk Management Technique for Project Leaders   August 15, 2016

There's a lot of material written on the subject of project risk management. When asked, Project Leaders will say it is crucial to project success. However, in my experience, I haven't observed much of it in practice.

Once a risk presents itself, some Project Leaders react well to the situation and drive the activities necessary for resolution. But stakeholders don't want to purely rely on quick reaction times.

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The Assumption Trap   May 2016

We all make assumptions.

Most of the time, the measure of a project’s success is not only its budget and timeline, but the quality of its deliverables.

During project planning, the criterion that defines HOW each deliverable will be met, will later become a key part of determining if a project succeeded or not. A critical component of that criterion is often overlooked: What are the assumptions?

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Accelerating Adoption of Enterprise Level Change   March 2016

Driving complex change across the organization requires executive commitment, cross-functional participation and many times a significant monetary investment. The risks associated with implementing change can be reduced with focus on the above mentioned items; however, many organizations miss the opportunity to maximize their results or return on investment because of low adoption rates.

The best designed process or system can still be considered a failure if ultimately it is not adopted. To increase the success of your next engagement, add the following techniques to your change management approach.

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Balancing Speed and Sustainability   February 2016

As economic pressures increase the need to reduce costs and transform business models, decision makers everywhere are searching for quick-hit opportunities to deliver significant improvement. The difficult challenge they face is finding ways to obtain lasting results at a pace needed to satisfy the overwhelming sense of urgency to "get something done".

Feeling the Need for Speed

Nothing creates a sense of urgency within a business like the realizations that revenues continue to decline and the current ways of doing business are no longer viable.

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Project Leadership Versus Project Management   January 2016

To successfully drive cross-functional and complex change, you need a leader not just an administrative project manager. Project Management is based on sound principles and processes and definitely a key component of success; however, management principles alone will not drive positive results.

We've all had encounters with pure academic or text book project managers (PMs). These PMs struggle with complex projects and do not have the leadership skills required to drive the business and cultural change required to meet the overall objectives. For complex change, you need a true leader. Let's explore the top 5 skills project leaders have that traditional PMs do not.